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One: My laptop got the AV Security Suite virus D:
I had to get it removed at a repair shop (By the way, word of advice: Don't try to remove it yourself. I probably just made it worse by doing this. Those guides around the web just don't work =/)

Two: I did a quick practice photomanipulation: I recreated the Skold vs. KMFDM album cover in The Sims 2. I've just noticed that the lighting on some of it doesn't work too well, but never mind, it's done now. xP )

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Yes, I have a Piczo. I thought that it'd be a good idea to start one...and so now I give out recommendations to nobody but a bot. Oh well. :D
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I have decided to begin a project of vectoring an image of Daniel Graves.

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Enjoy, if you must...

GIMP, 3.5-4 hours, almost entirely made with paths tool/fill bucket, KMFDM playing in background.
As you can see I cropped it, when I realized I suck at shiny clothing. Must practice that more. xD

See previous entry for reference.


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This is my latest project, involving some pop-faux-vector art, some posebox combos and Frankensteined lyrics! :3

So, what am I wasting my time on at this very moment? )
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Apologies for the lack of posts, but I've been pretty tired and busy.

Since I last posted about my work-free allnighter, I have:
  • Been to see Angelspit, and met them!!!! =D
  • Bought some albums.
  • Begun a tribute to Aidan Hughes involving the overused stock of the woman with tape over her mouth from DeviantART, and some Skold vs. KMFDM lyrics.
  • Decided I wanted to write some more about Chaos.
  • Taken a bit of a hiatus from Sims.
That's about it. Didn't even need a cut tag.
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It's ten past 2 in the morning and I'm attempting the allnighter. It's obviously gonna be harder without friends, but I don't really care. Gonna watch a film or something in a minute. On my laptop, so it forces me to stay upright, of course. xP

So I finally finished a story, and I'm actually kind of happy with it. I like to think of it as having the basic romantic atmosphere of Twilight (and that's not a compliment)...

Violent Romantics: An 'Anti-Romance' by FashionistState )

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The title comes from something I'm writing at the moment. ;)

I have Sims to share with you: My self-Sim, my 'original character' sisters and Samus Aran.

My Sims! )
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For the past few weeks I've been working on a series of digital art pieces, collectively called 'The Fool' (like 'La Follia' =/). I made a regular preppy, Stepford-ish Sim, put her in my game, paused when I found the perfect pose and took loads of pictures using just that frame.
...And due to procrastination and Minesweeper, I've only gotten halfway through vectoring (okay, technically it's not a vector as it's not all geometric, but you know what I mean) the 'Theme'.

Here are some pictures!

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Yay, my first post.
So, I decided to get a Dreamwidth blog! It was fairly easy getting the code, just find a link to a long list and pick one close to the end, but not at the end. And if that doesn't work, you're screwed. Well, not screwed, but just shut up okay I'm trying to post something of meaning here.

My art: I write, I procrastinate, I make vector art and photomanipulations with the GIMP, I create machinima using The Sims 2.

I'm a huge Angelspit fan. Though I've only known about them for a year or so, I still say I'm a huge fan because I listen to them all the time... XD

Here's a Sim. Okay, goodbye. Go away. I've done my fucking introduction.


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